Golden talks redshirts and more

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about this week's game, the redshirt plans for several players, how the offense will open up, and more.

On work since the bye week:
We've been pushing them. We're breaking complex things into little details. We're trying to get fixed things we were exposed to the first two weeks. The effort has been good. We've gotten a lot done.

On the goals for this week's game:
At the end of the week, the first goal is to win. After that you want to be 45 percent on third downs, 80 percent touchdowns in the redzone. I could go on and on. You also have to take consideration how the game is going. There is no excuse for third downs, our completion percentage, things like that.

On Deon Bush:
He's doing good. He's had a very good week. I'm anxious to see Deon getting better this weekend and getting his conditioning where it needs to be.

On Savannah State:
For us, it's about getting our team better. I don't wanna talk about that opponent. What I am trying to teach our team is it doesn't matter. We have to improve ourselves. Those guys will be jacked up. It's a night game. At the end of the day it's about us taking care of our business.

On SSU getting paid to come here:
I think that's the system we live in. No one was sending us sympathy cards when we played three of the first four on the road, at Manhatten and at Soldier Field. It's the system we live in. I'd like everything to be uniform. I'm interested in getting all our players better.

On opening up the playbook some:
Everyone thought we'd run for 400 and run for 150 in the opener. We ran for 300, and I was the happiest guy in the building. We were unselfish. You need both elements. Both games had good plays. We need to win on third down. Even with five takeaways, we weren't staying on the field. We gotta convert on third down. We weren't very good on points after takeaways against Florida, and that has to get better.

On taking more chances:
It's not like we haven't practiced it. Florida was a good defense. We just go back to work. The process is block everything out and get better. Our play count was low. I'd love to see us convert more, throw it more, and have more opportunities.

On redshirts:
On the redshirt deal, we're trying to hold Walter Tucker, Ray Ray, Sunny, trying to hold Olsen. We're playing Stacy, Stan, Gus, Gall, Hunter Knighton is out. He'll redshirt. Everyone else has a role. Gall, this will be his first role. We spent a couple weeks getting ready for this. We realized we didn't have enough depth there to get through the season.

On having depth to do that:
We're not out of the woods yet. Our scholarship numbers are not where they need to be. We can afford to redshirt some guys and we are building depth. We have to understand on the D-Line, we're top heavy and need help. At receiver, we have seven on scholarship with six healthy. We need a lot of help there. Those are two big areas that will be focal points for us in recruiting.

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