Q&A with Denzel Perryman

Read on to see what junior linebacker Denzel Perryman is saying about the Florida game, how the defense can still improve, and more.

On knowing Florida's players:
I only knew one person on the Florida team and it was Quinton Dunbar. But I've heard of some of those guys before.

We just have to work. I don't know just yet. We treat it like a normal game, a normal opponent, like Florida or any other team. We just have to play our game.

On what he's telling younger players:
We tell the young guys, no matter who we play, we have to treat it like another game. A lot of guys are focused and doing their jobs. We just have to get it done and not talk about it.

On how the defense can improve:
Just our fundamentals,, our pass drops, be more gap sound, and work on our techniques.

On support from around campus:
A lot of kids will tell us congratulations, we brought it home, and stuff like that. It's nice.

On Saturday's crowd:
It's a Saturday night game so I hope they come. It was nice, a solid crowd we had against Florida. We might go all orange again, maybe orange and white, I'm not sure.

On being ranked now:
A lot of guys are excited about it but we just have to keep doing what we're doing.

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