Q&A with Clive Walford

Read on to see what Clive Walford is saying about the Florida game, how he can improve, how the offense can still improve, and more.

On how he's improving:
I'd say I'm paying more attention to detail and making focusing a priority.

On what he's working on most:
Yeah, film, route running, blocking, catching the ball, pretty much every aspect. Just practicing hard on catching the ball, running specific routes, good timing with the quarterback. Pretty much just focusing, that's all.

On the timing of the passing game:
With timing, you have to always work at it. You have to be consistent every day at practice, running routes and catching balls from him.

On attacking a defense:
Depending on the defense the opponent is playing determines what we do. Whether it's a 4-3 or what type of coverages they use and things like that.

On his blocking so far:
I am never satisfied but I feel like it's been decent. I'm working to get it better. I like where I'm at right now. It's still progressing as we speak. I'm getting better at blocking, keeping my hands tight and staying low because the low man wins.

On how important that is:
Being able to open up the holes and letting my running backs break for 50 yards is the same feeling as scoring a touchdown. It's crucial because if we open up the running game, it'll open up the passing game as well.

On opening up more of the offense:
The offensive coordinator is always in the office drawing up plays. We left a lot on the field but Florida's defense was very good, very tough.

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