Kehoe breaks down the O-Line play

Read on to see what offensive line coach Art Kehoe is saying about his unit heading into Saturday's game.

On the progress:
You look at each separate room that we coach, whether its O-Line or D-Line, there has been a transition to unit to being disciplined, to playing hard, and you see it on the field.

On what the O-Line worked on lately:
For the offensive line, we laid down paid level, worked on footwork and tried to stop pass rushers. We worked on snapping off punches trying to stop guys. I will say this, we may have had a poor outpouring of offense in that game but we played hard. Special teams, our defense was sensational, and our offense played hard. If we keep doing that we'll be a dangerous team.

On Florida being the best defense on the schedule:
It's guessing. They're good and they're tough. Looking back,, I wish as a coach I had done a better job preparing for number two. He was a human wrecking ball, hard to deal with. We're playing hard and that's a key. We just had five good practices, and we're getting better.

On the young guys providing depth:
It helps us across the board. It gives us confidence. We're practicing hard. Guys get it. You either bring it or guys will be nibbling at you. That's how it is.

On the state of the team:
I think It's a constant deal of competition. Everything we're doing is about competing. It starts early in the morning to practice. I love it. The coaches are competing against each other too. It's a competitive world. The more you breed that, the better it gets.

On coaches competing:
We have to get after each other and the players are getting after it. I like Jethro but I call him a lot of names out there and he calls me a lot of names. It's all good but it gets competitive.

On practices being so tough:
That was Coach Golden's plan and he's been steadfast at keeping the plan. As a coach if you're not used to his way, I've worked with a lot of coaches, you have to work it to the best of your ability. We're all starting to gel. Even after this last game, we have a long way to go.

On having a competitive D-Line to practice against:
For all the years I was here, the offensive line got humbled all week long and then got to the game and were happy because we had the best D-Line in college football. We're getting there. It's a battle all the time.

On Jon Feliciano:
He's like an old school guy. He's real smart, real tough, will pancake, cut, six second drive blocks. He has a little devil in him. He's fun to watch on film because he's going after you. You don't wanna be on the field lolly gagging around because he's coming to take you out. He has a little KC Jones in him.

On the crowd last game:
Sun Life Stadium was built for baseball and football. Since I have been back, I haven't seen a crowd like that. People were jumping up and down, our kids were into it, and it was a real fistfight on the field/. The Orange Bowl was more tight, on you more. That was the first time I said this place was really popping. Our kids loved it.

On Brandon Linder:
He studies film really hard, competes really hard, and is very coachable. He does 40 reps at 225. He wants each game to him makes him realize he doesn't have many left. He competes like crazy and is fun to coach.

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