Mike's Take: Savannah State Game

The Hurricanes defeated Savannah State by the score of 77-7 on Saturday night. Read on for a game analysis from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

The game went about as expected. The Hurricanes jumped out to a big lead and then played a lot of players in the second half. It seems to have avoided any major injuries, and took care of business for the most part.

QB: Stephen Morris was solid. His style of play, and how he throws his body around with reckless abandon, continues to be a concern. This is the second time this season that he was knocked to the sideline with an injury. And we all remember what happened against North Carolina last year. His play is fine. However, his injury potential has to be a concern with the way he throws his body around. Ryan Williams came in and seemed to direct the offense very well. He made just one bad throw, and seemed to be in control. It was nice seeing Gray Crow finally in action.

RB: Duke was Duke. I like the number of carries he got. Actually, eight (and a kick return) may have been a bit high. Eduardo Clements and Dallas Crawford were as expected. I've been a Gus Edwards fan, and tonight didn't really change my mind. Once he gets the pass blocking down, he could emerge as the team's number two running back later in the year.

WR: We know what the top three can do. It was nice seeing Malcolm Lewis making a catch and being on the field for so many plays. It seems like he's finally at full strength. I expect him to be worked back into the offense more and more in the coming weeks. Stacy Coley, I still believe, is the most talented wide receiver on the roster. D'Mauri Jones had more personal four penalties than catches. Especially with the depth concerns here, the Canes need to get more out of him.

TE: Clive Walford is usually very sure-handed, so the touchdown drop was disappointing. He's a major weapon, though. I was hoping that Beau Sandland would play a major role this season. It hadn't happened the first two games but it did here. He's a natural pass-catcher. Hopefully he's here to stay in terms of his involvement in the passing game.

OL: This unit seemed to struggle generating a big push in the power running game when the first unit was in the game. That has been a concern three games in a row now. Ereck Flowers is an elite level left tackle. The team will sure welcome Shane McDermott back. I liked seeing guys, like Alex Gall, playing a couple different spots. With Sunny Odogwu not getting into the game, it's pretty clear that he's set to redshirt this season.

DL: This unit was solid. They did a nice job slowing down the running game, and applied some decent pressure. It's rare that two defensive linemen will get interceptions in the same game. It was that kind of night. It was nice seeing Dwayne Hoilett getting game action.

LB: They were active early and often. I enjoyed watching Jermaine Grace in the second half. He seemed very athletic and active. This entire group ran to the ball well and tackled well.

DB: The best news came in the form of Deon Bush returning to the field. He's the most talented safety on the roster. He didn't play real well, but that's probably why they wanted to use him in this game. He'll only get better from here. Artie Burns played a lot, and looked very good. He has to be one of the fastest kids on the roster. Re-watch the long run SSU had. Burns flew down the field in pursuit.

ST: Pat O'Donnell remains a major weapon. Matt Goudis didn't have any field goal chances for the second game in a row. That's a bit odd whenever that happens.

Bring on USF!

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