Crow taking first team reps

Gray Crow played for the first time as a Hurricane last Saturday, and he took first team reps today. Read on to see what he's saying about that, USF, and more.

On going on the road:
We have to act like we've been there before and get into the next series. Both of my parents were in town so I shared that moment with them and it was a great feeling.

On how he's improving:
Coach Golden keeps talking about mastering your role. I really embrace that. I try preparing the defense every week. Whatever my role is, I have to execute it. On getting 1st team reps:
Today, I took a couple but most of the reps are Stephens and Ryans. I learn a lot from them.

On being a third team guy:
Sometimes it's tough mentally but you have to realize you're one or two plays in my case away from getting into the game.

On Stephen Morris:
Usually with ankle injuries it takes them awhile but he's recovered really well the last couple days.

On confidence in Williams:
Obviously Ryan made some nice throws on Saturday. If needed, he'd be a good fit.

On how he's improved since he got here:
I feel like it's my understanding of the game, the speed of it, and college defenses. It's really slowed down since I got here. I sort of caught up to it. I'm more confident in what I'm seeing.

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