Feliciano: We're much tougher now

Offensive lineman Jon Feliciano says this team is much tougher and better than the one that went to USF two years ago. Read on to see what he's saying about that and much more.

On the first road trip:
It's been awhile since we have been away from home. It should be fun.

On playing at USF:
We usually get a big crowd wherever we go. Two years ago when we went there it was a big crowd and a good game.

On their D-Line:
That's the strength of their defense. We always fight in the trenches and they're very good. I've been watching number 99. He is probably their best player. He looks good.

On Stephen Morris:
He looks good right now. He participated in every drill, and was there in team period so he looks good.

On being concerned if Morris gets knocked out:
Not really. Ryan is always getting reps with the ones and he's a good player so we're confident. I wasn't in with Gray but Ryan is a great player. Him and Stephen are a lot alike and he does a good job leading the team, too.

On being less confident with Williams:
Maybe with him and the receivers but with him and the O-Line, it's just like we're with Stephen.

On winning at USF two years ago:
We won on a last second field goal. We're gonna come in and hopefully play a good game this time.

On how this team is different:
We're a lot tougher than we were two years ago, and we're in better condition and we trust the foundation a lot more than we did two years ago.

On the game-winning kick back then:
I remember, every Thursday we do the same thing. Pressure kick is what we call it. Coach Golden yelled pressure kick so we started jumping up and down like we always do.

On scoring fast sometimes:
I think we're a really good offense that can run it or pass it. We like scoring fast but if we get a long drive, that's fine too.

On their D-Line:
Their defense, they have 12 or 13 guys they rotate on the line. It keeps them fresh and playing at 100 percent.

On what he tells younger guys about road trips:
Being an older guy, we have to make sure everyone knows it's a business trip. We have to stay focused. You feel like everyone is against you, and the fans who travel with you, you wanna make sure you do good for them.

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