Golden updates Morris, McDermott, & more

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying about the status of Stephen Morris, Shane McDermott, and more just a few days before his team takes on USF.

On what he's looking for this week:
We still haven't executed in all three phases. It's hard for me to answer that because there are so many things each position group has to improve on. It'll be one of those games, and we're getting better every day.

On Stephen Morris:
Yes, he was good. He did more today than yesterday. Would I say he's 100-percent? Well, he looked about 75-percent against Florida State last year and he did well. We're still three days out, and I think he'll be good.

I hope everyone understands the opponent we're getting ready for. Every game is a one-game season. We can't look at records. Just look at what teams they've beaten over the last few years.

On having a more mature team:
There's no question, it's not just a function of getting healthy and then coming back. Overall, we're mentally tougher. They're able to endure more, they can handle more.

On special teams work in practice:
We still go 14-20 minutes of it. We're a lot more veteran than last year. Sometimes we can just explain something and they get it. There are things we need to fix still. Last year was more the fundamentals and the base because guys didn't get it like they do now. Guys now understand the lanes, how to maneuver around blocks, and things like that.

On Shane McDermott:
Not as good as Stephen but we have a ways to go. He's smart. He has a high pain tolerance. If he can get close, we're going to bring him.

On USF being 0-3:
It's dangerous. If we're not mentally tough and mature, that's a challenge. On film, they're not a winless team. They have a top 10 back, one heck of a tight end, and I'm sure they spent the last 14 days figuring out the quarterback situation. They have a lot of veterans on defense. The challenge for our team is about keeping it about us. Respect your opponent but respect your teammates more.

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