Linder talks about how OL can improve

Read on to see what senior offensive lineman Brandon Linder is saying about how his unit can still improve, the status of Shane McDermott, and more.

On how they can improve:
I think just communicating our calls, that's a big thing. When we get up to the line, we're making our calls.

On Stephen Morris:
He looks fine. It's just a bum ankle. It's nothing crazy. He looked great (in practice this week).

On improving on third downs:
We're trying to create long drives, and get those third down conversions. That's something we're stressing.

On the low sack numbers:
You see it in practice where we have situations like that. When you do it in games, it's nice to see after putting in the work.

On Jared Wheeler's hair:
Jared Wheeler has the duck dynasty beard and hair going. He has crazy hair. He's had it for awhile.

On Wheeler:
He's doing great. Shane hasn't been playing but I think he's taken the role and is doing a great job. He's making all the calls, and doing well.

On the young linemen:
That's the big thing we're able to have that. Guys come in and it's nothing. There is no dropoff. There is no change.

On Shane McDermott:
Shane's mental state is great. He is out there coaching us up. He definitely helps us out. He's on the sideline and might see something we don't see and then he tells us what's going on.

On preparing with multiple QB's:
No. It's the same. They all have the same cadence and snap count. They're all taught the same things. We're comfortable with whoever is back there. Nothing really changes.

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