Walford: Coaches are gaining confidence in me

Read on to see why junior tight end Clive Walford is becoming more and more confident in his coaches, and in this offense.

They're tough, very tough. They have a sound defense that is very fundamental. They can run. It's going to be a very physical game.

On playing USF:
It's very important. This is like their championship game. We have to play like that. They're going to give us their best punch so we gotta counterpunch.

On them being 0-3:
That's not my concern so I can't answer that. I know their defense is good but I don't know about their offense because I never watched them.

On how this team has improved:
Everyone is together. It's a brotherhood now. We believe in each other, stick together, and play hard and confident. It's been a lot of hard work.

On getting better on offense:
That's pretty much the main focus. If we take care of business on our side of the ball, we can accomplish anything.

On being a primary target:
It's actually fun being able to execute and being someone the quarterback relies on. You can't explain the feeling. It's very exciting.

On his confidence:
I do because Coach Scott and Coach Golden have a lot of confidence in me and I'm building confidence in them. They're pushing me and believing me.

On the young tight ends:
I am pleased with how they played, especially with Beau coming up with six catches and a touchdown. That was big for him. I was excited for Standish too.

On how he's been playing:
I am never satisfied because I feel like I always leave plays on the field. Last Saturday, I dropped a touchdown and have no excuse for that. It was a lack of focus. I just dropped it, and missed that opportunity. I try to overcome and forget them. It's hard to forget dropping a touchdown.

On the way tight ends are being used these days:
It's exciting. Having the skill set God has blessed me with, being able to catch and run and block, being able to flex out and go in motion, I'm proud that I'm capable of doing those things.

On Beau Sandland's personality:
Beau is a real relaxed guy, down to earth, likes to have fun but he likes to have fun and joke around every now and then. You always need a positive and funny guy around. I like it.

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