Spring Ball - Day 5

Week two started well. I had a change in plans early in the week, so I'm not sure where I'll be certain days this week, but I got off to a good start to the week today.

My first stop was Daytona Beach Mainland. Coach Moronto has two kids he's promoting as major Div 1 kids.

Defensive tackle Ramon McCollough is a talented kid who is athletic for his overweight size (6-1 and 325). He's got good intensity and plays with excellent strength that allows him to clog the middle very well. But he doesn't possess a lot of natural ability as a pass rusher. He needs to shed about 15-20 pounds in addition so his motor can run for longer periods of time. McCollough is probably a low to mid level Div 1 kid, one that I don't think will be recruited by Miami this fall.

Linebacker Buster Davis is a playmaker, but his upside is severely limited by the fact that he's only 5-foot-8. At 230 pounds, Davis is a decent athlete, but not a great one. They have a junior linebacker with more athletic ability. Davis is very intense and runs around the field like a madman making tackles, and is an outstanding high school football player, but he can get engulfed by offensive lineman and he's a liability in coverage with limited lateral quickness. His game doesn't translate real well to the college level due to the lack of size. Nate Webster struggled with his height at 5-foot-11 and Webster was much more talented than Davis at this age. Buster is, like his teammate, probably a low level Div 1 kid that probably won't be recruited by Miami in the fall.

My next stop was to New Smyrna Beach. At 6-2 and 175, safety Cardan Alexander is the best athlete on the field. He is about 90 percent recovered from a knee injury that ended most of his junior season. Athletically, he's better than former NSB standout Daryl Dixon, who has been a two-year starter at Florida.

Alexander runs fairly well, with 4.6-ish speed in the 40, and has a tremendous passion for the game. A standout in track and basketball, Alexander covers the field very well and has excellent ball skills. He played wide receiver his sophomore season in addition to being a safety. As a natural safety, I think he's better than Pat Watkins, but not quite in the same league as Chasio Thomas.

With that said, I still think Alexander has major league upside when he is fully recovered and his speed and fluid motions are all the way back up to speed. From what I gathered at practice, Alexander will probably end up a Gator. With a father who played for many years in the NFL, Alexander will likely have plenty of choices this fall, and one of them should be Miami.

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