Spring Ball - Day 4

First, I stopped by Fletcher H.S. to watch running back Ciatrick Faison to see if he was living up to all the hype.

He sure was.

At 6-1 and 205, Faison has big time written all over him. He's the total package and will be aiming for the state touchdown record late in the season. I won't go into much further detail because in talking to him during practice, it's very clear that he's going to be a Florida Gator, where he's already committed.

My next stop was Trinity Christian Academy to watch offensive lineman Adam Peterson. At 6-4 and 315, Peterson carries his weight well. From first glance, he appears to be a 290 kid. He's definitely a guard. As a tackle, he's a liability with his short arms and lack of foot speed to protect the edge. As a guard, I think he's a Big 10 type, although he can get downfield and out in front of people and make some nice blocks. He's also a good finisher.

What will probably attract more attention for him is the combination of his effort, intelligence (4.16 GPA and a passing test score), and work ethic.

Total May milage log: 1,151

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