Spring Ball - Day 1

I began at Lincoln, which is loaded this season. My primary focus was on safety Pat Watkins.

At 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds, Watkins runs in the 4.55 range. He's got a strong passion for the game, and should be okay inside the classroom. Watkins is built very well, much like UM's Carl Walker. He's similar in size at this age as Walker and could grow into a linebacker at the next level. Although he's not quite as talented as Walker, Watkins can play. He's very physical, he closes very well, and gives outstanding run support. Watkins, who grew up in Miami and says the Canes are probably his favorite team right now, is an upper level Division 1 prospect right now, but I'd be hesitant to label him as a pure big timer just yet.

Lincoln had up to five other kids who are Division 1 talents. The only other major Div 1 kid I saw was quarterback Gavin Dickey. At 6-0 and 180, Dickey is one of the top athletes to come out of Tallahassee in years. Wide receiver Greg Threat is a mid level Div 1 prospect.

I then went to Rickards High School, where the coach has really been promoting running back/defensive back Michael Fisher. At 5-9 and 180, Fisher is a very talented football player who really enjoys the game. With legit 4.45 speed, he's very quick and explosive. As a running back, he's a home run hitter. But even at 5-9, I really like him as a cornerback. I don't think he's talented enough as a runner to be a UM type at that position, but he might fit in well at Florida State's run and shoot system. At Miami, he's probably better suited to play cornerback, and Fisher said today he definitely wants to play running back at the next level.

That's it for today. Watkins and Fisher are the ones to watch, and while neither are pure big timers yet in my opinion, they've got lots of upside. Day one is complete, as I head to the Orlando area tomorrow. I'll have a report posted tomorrow night sometime.

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