Golden previews Georgia Tech

The 4-0 Hurricanes will begin their ACC schedule this weekend by hosting Georgia Tech. Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about them, and the keys to victory for his team.

On GT preparation:
We have a long way to go. We have three full days left and we'll need every minute to continue preparing for these guys.

On ever becoming easier to prepare for GT having done it so much:
No. I wish it would become easy. It's a great challenge. They moved the ball against us last year, scored 36 points, and were 4-of-5 in the redzone. Now we're based out of the 3-4 so it's different than it was a year ago.

On last year's game:
It was close last year. We did well on third down and ran the ball pretty well. At the end of the day, it's hard to beat them in time of possession. We will have to play a lot of guys on defense, and get off the field.

On GT's improved offense:
You can see the differences this year with the passing game. We gave up a 58 yarder last year because of bad eyes. Guys here are working like crazy to eliminate those big plays. Vad looks like a really good passer. They have nine days to prepare so they may have some nuances in there.

On who makes all the calls defensively:
The mike, and that's consistent in any defense. Jimmy, hopefully he's seen it good. Hopefully we'll be able to adjust and play with poise and be in position. Cain and Kirby have been practicing well and we'll try to stay fresh. They're working on special teams too so that's a challenge for them.

On injury updates:
OT was still in red today. He's been around a long time. If it's a tie, it goes to the runner. Shane looks good. Stephen looked better today.

On Clements on special teams:
Don't overlook that. He's pivotal for us. He wants to do it. He's the communicator. He's the one who comes off and lets us know what we're seeing.

On Walter Tucker:
Tuck has stepped into a new role. He's been working hard, ready to go. I've been holding him back. Now it's free Tucker.

On Duke overcoming the fumbles:
With respect to everyone, Duke's just one of the guys. He was challenged and he responded. There are things we have to eliminate to be successful. It's not like I have to call him into my office. He understands the mistakes. He'll make up for it this week. He already has.

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