Coley talks about his offense

Read on to see what James Coley is saying about his offense, several of its players, and the Georgia Tech game coming up.

On GT's defense:
They run to the ball well. They have an outstanding pass rusher. They do a great job of coaching their players. They play hard, won't shy away from contact. It's a great challenge for us this week.

On the USF performance:
I thought we did well. Our guys ran great routes. We protected the quarterback extremely well. When those things happen, you have a chance to execute. Last week you saw our guys getting better.

On Morris spreading the ball around:
I thought he did a great job of that. He got the ball to Maurice Hagens, and that was a great decision by him against that coverage. Ryan as well. He had some good throws all over the field. That's the challenge, to be good at everything.

On Gus Edwards getting stuffed at the goal line:
Gus is a big guy. He thinks he can run over everyone. He just has to lower his pads, trust his reads. He had some great runs, one went for 15. On the goal line, he just said he was going to run someone over and score and it doesn't always work out that way.

On Eduardo Clements:
That injury happened early in the game. Guys needed to step up and they did. Gus did, Dallas did well, and Maurice responded.

On getting downfield to block:
I think we're doing good at getting to that second level. Offensive linemen got to it well. Young guys need to step up and contribute, help the veteran guys. Every week is that challenge. We have to step up and face the challenge this week that Georgia Tech presents.

On Walter Tucker:
Walter's doing a good job. He's improving every day. The more we give him, the better he gets. If a player can provide what he provides and can play right away, I think he's worth giving a chance and burning a redshirt. That's not my decision, though.

On how Stacy Coley is improving:
Being exact, focusing on the moment. You saw that on his touchdown catch in the back of the endzone. That's exactly how we teach it. Then finishing the play. That's the biggest thing, he's a great finisher. A lot of guys don't do that.

On Duke's fumbling:
Do I worry about him? No. He's a tough kid. I know if he's hurting, he'll tell us. He's a tough kid who plays running back. You carry the football and guys are trying to hit you.

On why he fumbled:
I think he was out of his norm with the way he carried it. He tried to score without using his fundamentals. When we're down by the goal line, we have to hold onto the football. It all goes back to fundamentals though.

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