Q&A with Art Kehoe

Read on to see what offensive line coach Art Kehoe is saying a few days before the Hurricanes play host to Georgia Tech.

On GT's defense:
It's a lot different than the one we faced last year. We're familiar. We know Coach Roof from other places. We're trying to get as much information on him as we can.

On Jared Wheeler:
He's so smart. I can't even pronounce his classes because he's an engineer. I asked him what classes he was taking and he started writing it on the board. He's doing a really good job. We need him. We're dinged up. Guys have been playing other positions. He can play anywhere for us.

On what makes Wheeler so good:
He's very tough and smart and all the things you look for in an O-Linemen – dependable, reliable, tough, hard worker, all those things.

On his improvement:
He did it last year in a lot of games, in backup times. Coach Golden insisted on us playing everyone. We didn't have enough last year. Now we do. I love it. It allows you to move guys around during practices. In the NFL, 47 dress on Sunday and seven or eight are linemen. You better have versatility. You have five spots so your guys better learn them all.

On Seantrel Henderson:
He hasn't been at guard yet but he can handle that too. You put him in walk through situations, and all of a sudden they get the hang of it.

On it being tough on guys having to move around:
Not really because we're trying to make them communicate with each other. You're only good as an offensive lineman if you're communicating with the guy next to you. Wheeler is 6-5, 320. Bunche is 6-6, 327. Bunche can play center now. He couldn't last year. When they can operate efficiently enough we can win games.

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