Golden: GT post-game

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying after the Hurricanes defeated Georgia Tech on Saturday.

The first quarter wasn't ideal, what does that say about these kids?

We learned a lot about our team. We had great leadership and great poise.

We scored in two plays which actually worked against us then we fumbled and then we threw an interception.

After Mark spoke to them at halftime the guys came back with a vengeance. They played with poise and precision. My hat goes off to Mark. What they did at halftime was phenomenal.

I was not excited about 17 all. I think that breathed some life into us at that point. We started the game over at halftime basically. Real proud of our guys and the way they fought. Learned a lot about our team today and we learned a lot about our leadership. What a gutsy performance by Stephen.

On Morris:
"You can tell he's not 100% but these 9 days coming up are huge. He's running around back there, the pass he threw to Coley was phenomenal. He bought himself some time, you can tell his arm strength, he threw it off one leg," said Golden.

"He threw an interception and he came over. He's not an excuse guy he said I thought it was too high. I made a mistake and that was it we moved on," said Golden.

On team:
"Playing with quiet minds, playing faster, they know what they're capable of," said Golden.

Compared to last year:
"We're more focused, guys who have been through a lot, great group of guys, they're not daunted by anything," said Golden.

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