Coach D'Onofrio: GT post-game

Read on to see what Miami defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio was saying following the team's win over Georgia Tech last night.

Talk to us about the adjustments that you had to make at halftime.

They came out with a formation that we haven't seen in a couple of years. We had to fight through it. Weren't able to get down the field on third downs. Really took the better half of the first quarter. I think in the second quarter we were able to settle them in. Once we got started in the locker room we were able to draw exactly where we were and they were piecing it together.

How bizarre was the first quarter?

As hard as it could be. Gave us a a chance to see what these guys are made of. They're built for this, they've worked really hard and they've got a lot of leadership. They have a lot of unity and they fought through it. They didn't point the fingers, they locked in and won a game. You have to win these type of games in order to achieve your goals.

What was going through your mind when you prepare for a game and then see something else of game day?

They all do it. You just have to adjust. You keep drawing it up, talking through it, and you try to get it right. You hope you have some time. You hope it's not a quick series. I think that they also respect our team. They're coming in with something they haven't shown in a while. It's a sign of them trying to beat us to the punch quick and get a good lead which they did and we fought through it.

"We'll be causing fumbles all season, creating turnovers, these guys are doing it. They hit hard and they're physical. Catching picks that are in our hands and not dropping them," said D'Onofio.

"As long as you don't give up a big play you have three opportunities to take away points: turn over, third down stop and force the punt, or you get a red zone stop and force the field goal," said D' Onofrio

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