Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying a few days before the team takes on North Carolina.

On calling plays this week: You have to get your inventory. When you go into a week like this or last week you get your plays that you know can get you certain yardage. You just have to feel the game and how it's playing. The biggest thing is having the inventory or the library where you can draw those plays from.

On the flow of the games:
Coach (Golden) does a great job of managing the game. There's a lot of conversation going on during the game.

On if Duke Johnson can handle more than 25 carries?
Depends on the plays. You have to see how it's going. I'm sure he can, he's in great condition. We just have to see how he's feeling when he gets out of that pile.

They have really good personnel. Watching their film they play really hard. They do a lot of different things on defense that are complex; they've got guys going everywhere. I see a team that's talented; they've done a great job recruiting. They make it very difficult from the offensive side to really figure out what they're doing and what they're in. If you watch their film they've got guys going everywhere and they're playing fast. I think it's a product of going against their offense which is a fast tempo offense that has a lot of skill players.

On UNC's record:
I don't see their record right now; I see them as a team that's dangerous.

Q: What challenge does it present to play a Thursday night game?

A: It's a big challenge especially in college football. I think that teams that come in on Thursday night. It's going to be hostile environment. I think it's going to be loud. I think their team is going to be ready. We're going to get their best this season.

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