Golden updates Morris, talks UNC, & more

Read on to see everything head coach Al Golden is saying a few days before his team takes on North Carolina Thursday night.

Great opportunity for us on Thursday night at Kenan Stadium playing against the Tar heels, it's something that we're working really hard preparing for.

On the challenge of a night game on the road: Number one the environment we think is going to be really loud we think that it's going to be really loud for our guys. It's going to be a great challenge for our guys so we're working on that right now both on communication and signaling.

On UNC's up-tempo offense:
They'd love to run 80 plays with they could. It's going to be a great challenge rival game here in the coastal.

On being in the top 10:
At the end of the season we'll count them up and see where we're. We're 0-0 going into this game. All that matters right now is going to Chapel Hill being a mature team, having poise, communicating, and executing. The rest of it doesn't really matter right now. We just have to continue to have that bunker mentality for the rest of the year.

Putting their record aside. How dangerous is this game Thursday?
We're going to be facing a great challenge and an excellent team on Thursday on Thursday night. As I said to the guy's: records really don't matter because records are talking about the past," said Golden. It's about how well our defensive guys study their offense, how well we execute what we need to get done in the game, and how well on offense we study their pressure package and the great disguises that they do with their coverage and whether or not we can stop Boston, number 10.

Does the up tempo offense they have help their defense and being ready for you?

We're not up-tempo like these guys. These guys are warp speed now. They have a quarterback who's really bright and can see it. It's going to be a great challenge for us.

How far have you come in the areas that you've wanted to improve in the bye week?

I think we have. We really didn't turn our attention the North Carolina until yesterday. It was about certain players improving specific aspects of their game and as units about offense, defense, and special team.

Talk about how the scout team has been imitating their quarterback and what you're able to see in him.
He's excellent, he's got great vision, excellent arm. He can sit in the pocket. He's not afraid to run it. He's a big guy so we're going to have to account for him on every play and keep him in the pocket. Crow and Olsen have been throwing and we're trying to do whatever we can to replicate that.

On Stephen Morris:
Stephen looks really good right now so that's a relief and I think he'll get better the next three days. As long as he stays healthy and we give him some time.

On last year's struggles against UNC:
We didn't block them particularly well last year. They held us to 14 points and that's a challenge for us going in and a lot of the same guys are back and posing the same issues. As far as our passing game I think we're catching the ball better. I think we've improved and hopefully we'll bring that into the game.

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