Q&A with Duke Johnson

Read on to see what running back Duke Johnson is saying a few days before the team's game against North Carolina.

On all eyes watching you guys on Thursday night.
It just makes us hone into our details and hone into everything more than we would any other game. It's a big game for the program. It's a coastal game and it could solidify our season. It could make or break us.

How do you think that you guys being ranked is going to affect UNC on Thursday night?
It would make them come out harder. North Carolina always comes out and plays hard.

How do you feel about the ranking?
It doesn't matter. All of that could be gone with one mistake. One game.

Everyone is talking about the ranking how do you block that out of your mind?
We just don't let it get in our minds. We might hear it but let the person do their job. It's our job to go out there and play every week.

How satisfied are you with running the football this season?
That's what I trained for last summer. My main focus was to get bigger and be ready for big physical games like that.

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