Q&A with Mark D'Onofrio

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying about his unit as they continue preparing for North Carolina Thursday night.

On UNC's offense:
They have a lot of talent on their offense and they have the ability to be dangerous. They have an experienced quarterback who will play on Sundays, a great tight end, a good set of backs, and a deep receiving corps.

On UNC being 1-4:
I don't believe that's where we're at. Our guys understand, regardless of who we're playing, we just have to go out and work on us regardless of the opponent. We have to make it about us and not who we're playing. But at the same time we just put in the tape and we can see the caliber of players they have.

On playing on national TV:
I hope our guys are excited about that opportunity. Once you kick it off, it doesn't matter if there's 10,000 fans there or 80. You have to focus on your job and play football.

On the potential crowd noise:
We practice with crowd noise. In an away game, it's really the offensive guys who have to deal with the noise. We have to make sure our communication is good.

On getting more interceptions:
Anytime you get pressure on the quarterback, it'll help guys on the back end. Experience with guys in the secondary helps. They're making picks that maybe we didn't make last year because of that.

On Ladarius Gunter:
Everyone has seen him. He came on the second half of last year. Earlier this year he was in a little rut. We challenged him and he's really improved.

On Earl Moore:
It's been good. I'm happy for Earl. He was a second team guy most of last year and now hasn't gotten as many reps. Instead of pouting about it, he's continued to improve.

On Justin Renfrow:
Renfrow has given us a veteran guy. It's like a pro team getting a 12 year vet. He's been through three defensive line coaches so he came in and could figure it out. He did a nice job against Georgia Tech.

On Corey King:
He's a little behind the rest of the guys. Add the two deep and throw in Earl Moore and Jelani Hamilton as the next guys before him.

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