Crawford: I wasn't tired or anything

Read on to see what Game MVP Dallas Crawford is saying about his strong performance against North Carolina last night.

On his performance:
You cant ever doubt yourself. I try to practice like a starter. They said you need to practice like you play.

On 35 offensive touches:
I am not banged up or tired or anything. I feel great.

On how they had to finish:
Just do what we were taught to do. We just had to come out and execute what the coaches wanted us to do.

On word of encouragement from Clinton Portis late in the game:
Definitely. Anytime you get encouragement from a great player is good. He said this is my moment, what I've been waiting ffor. It paid off.

On Stephen Morris:
Stephen, even though he had some missed throws, he was our leader. He said stay calm, don't panic. The throws he made on the last drive were great.

On Eduardo Clements making two big runs:
We have a rotation. I was tired and he got the drive started. Those were two big runs.

On winning the game this way:
We are resilient. We've been through a lot. In years past we probably would have lost this game. Coaches have us believing.

On Al Golden:
He's a leader. If you follow him, he will lead you down the right path every time. He always says trust the plan and we trusted it.

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