Morris: We had to go to running game

Read on to see what senior quarterback Stephen Morris is saying about last night's win over North Carolina, including what Al Golden specifically told him before the final drive.

On what Golden told him before the final drive:
Coach Golden kept telling me Tom Brady. A lot of things weren't going his way and he pulled it out on the final drive to get the win. That was my mentality. Everything went wrong for me offensively. We had to put that behind us and focus on that last drive.

On Dallas Crawford:
I love him. He is the same guy every day. I'm glad he got his chance to shine. He's talented. I was so happy for him. On the sideline I was hugging him and thanking him and telling him how much I appreciate him.

On losing Duke and Dorsett:
It was tough but we had to keep our composure. The atmosphere was electric. We were turning the ball over and losing star players. Being a leader when everyone looks up to you, I had to do my best to help my team pull it off.

On his mistakes:
Honestly, I don't know. I really have to sit back and study what I'm doing. I have to make adjustments, maybe study better. I'm not sure but I have to play better.

On adjustments at halftime:
I think at halftime we were just going over things. We had to start running the ball on first down. We had too many negative plays on first down early. I wanted to put it on the shoulders of the offensive line to run the ball in the second half.

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