Friday Update on Duke, Dorsett, etc

Head coach Al Golden updated the injury status of several of his players on Friday afternoon. CanesTime has the latest. Read on for the update on several players.

Phillip Dorsett -- "Phillip has a slight or partial tear of his MCL, which we're all grateful. It's a 4-6 week injury and we're blessed. He's fortunate. We're all very relieved. We're disappointed for him. He's worked hard. We'll be there for him but it could have been far worse than that."

Kacy Rodgers -- "It looks like Kacy will be OK with an ankle. We will monitor it over the next 72 hours. The nine days could be the difference. He should make it for Wake."

Duke Johnson -- "Randy, very good and positive today. He's watching film and getting treatment. We're still evaluating whether it was a blow that triggered. He's had a history of migraines. We want to see if it was a level one concussion. Because of the time we have, the way our doctors acted and prevented him from going back out, his recovery started immediately. That was positive as well."

The safeties -- "Rayshawn and Bush kind of had a deep thigh contusions that can get really sore. They're both good today. We're moving them around and stretching them so we get them healthy."

Rashawn Scott and Walter Tucker -- "Rashawn Scott has been cleared, which is great for us, and Walter Tucker will be good to go. He turned his ankle last week and we had to hold him out because of it. He'll be fine."

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