Howard recaps his UNC performance

Read on to see what cornerback Tracy Howard is saying a few days after the team's comeback win over North Carolina.

On the UNC game:
We did a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. There is a lot we need to clean up, small things. It's a problem but its not something that cant be fixed.

On missing the tackle on their long touchdown:
It was like getting beaten for a pass. I knew in my mind I had to make up for it. I was mad they scored but as a corner you have to have a short memory and block it off.

On the pass interference:
I went to lean but he was kind of pushing so I wanted just to play through his hands. I didn't want to look an

d lean too late.

On his interceptions:
The first one, I knew they liked to take shots. Coach D and Coach Williams do a great job letting us know. I knew it was coming. When the ball was in the air I just knew I had to make a play on it.

On Artie Burns:
Artie has come a long way. He came in with a lot of talent. He's a big corner. He's going to be good. Him and Corn Elder. Artie came through with a big play. I look forward him to continue making those plays.

On his overall performance:
I had an OK game. I had a few good plays, a few bad ones. You're always trying to get better. I want to clean up on my cover skills, on my tackling. We know what we need to get better at. It's always players coaching players out here.

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