Coach D explains last week's mistakes

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying about his unit's mistakes that were made last week against North Carolina and what's being done to correct them.

On Tracy Howard's play:
I'm glad he made the interceptions. We talk about sacks and interceptions but it doesn't end there. He has some areas to improve in. He stayed on top of the throws, has great ball skills, and those were two big plays. But we have things in which he can get better at and we'll keep coaching him up.

On Howard's missed tackle on their tight end:
It cost us a touchdown. Kirby missed it too. That's something, the tackling was sloppy. It cost us 70 yards and a touchdown.

On that particular play:
We didn't bring the training to the game. It wasn't something we teach. You don't shoulder tackle. He has to attack him and get the ball out. Those are things we do every day. We have second man drill every day. The safety can't let him get outside. I wasn't happy about it.

On what he'd like to correct:
We had some freelancing going on and we have to get those corrected. The touchdowns we gave up, there was bad tackling and a missed assignment. We have to get those things cleaned up.

On Howard again:
He really loves football. He has the ability. It's our job to make sure we coach him in every aspect. We can't sit here and think that because we won the game we don't have things to fix. Tape is still tape. Guys will know we'll go in and coach it. We can't let the outcome of the game dictate what we're going to coach and try to correct.

On their tight end's performance:
We just didn't execute. I promise you we had defenses designed to stop him so that was disappointing. It was guys not doing their jobs. We have to eliminate those mistakes. That was an excuse and we cant let that stuff happen.

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