Coley: I was confident down the stretch

Read on to see why offensive coordinator James Coley says he was so confident down the stretch last week against North Carolina, and much more.

On Dallas Crawford:
That's what we've seen during training camp and practice. We had full confidence that he could execute like that for us.

On Stephen Morris:
The common theme is he's out there competing and trying to make a play. Sometimes it's best to get to the next play.

On his health:
He's almost at 100 percent. He's probably there this week. There are still situations where it's tentative but he feels good this week. It's a combination of different things. Sometimes guys run routes shorter than they need to. Other times there are plays where he needs to do the next best play.

On turning to the run vs UNC:
It was the old adage of take what they give you. They were playing the deep ball. I saw it as an easy five yard completion then Dallas running like that and guys blocking like that. During a game you don't think about the first quarter. Can you wear on guys? You can have a bad first quarter and then have a great fourth quarter. Our guys overcame it.

On creating mismatches:
I get a lot of emails and suggestions. We had some ideas on formations but it's all based on personnel. That stuff gets thrown out the window right away. You have to see what they're doing and counter it. It's like a heavyweight fight. The personnel we had in there, they executed it well down the stretch.

On Rashawn Scott's return:
He's a big body, a physical receiver. The play he got hurt on was a fade route and he went up over the DB. That's what he brings.

On the O-Line rotation:
We're always trying to create depth. In the second half we went with a steady lineup that was giving us the best chance. Coach Kehoe does a great job of using guys who are executing their roles. On that last drive we saw guys swinging away.

On UNC protecting the deep ball:
You don't want to be predictable but you want to exploit that. We have made a big emphasis of who we are. We are balanced. If they force us to throw it we'll throw it. Or we'll run it if they force us to run. If they're scared of a deep ball, that helps you running the ball.

On how he was so confident down the stretch:
I have the advantage because I see it every day. The person home watching the game doesn't. As coaches we know what we have and I have a lot of confidence in those guys.

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