NCAA Announces UM Penalties

It's been over two years now, and today the NCAA finally announced the penalties for the University of Miami.

* The Hurricanes will have their total scholarship numbers reduced by a total of nine, spread over the next three recruiting classes.

* Unofficial visits to athletic events for football prospects will be limited to just one per player over the next three years.

* The team received a two-year bowl ban, which has already been fulfilled since the Canes self imposed this penalty by not playing in a bowl game in each of the last two seasons.

* Official visits for one year were reduced by 20-percent. Since the Hurricanes hosted just 36 players on visits this past recruiting season, this penalty has already been fulfilled.

* Fall evaluations for football prospects was cut to 36, from the permissible 42, in 2012-2013. That fulfilled that penalty.

* The Canes reduced contact days by coaches to recruits in 2013-2013 by 20-percent, which means this penalty has been fulfilled as well.

Overall, four of the six primary penalties have already been fulfilled by the school. All in all, moving forward, the Canes will lose a total of nine scholarships over the next three years.

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