Cornell Getting Bigger and Stronger

Cretin-Derham Hall (Minn.) junior defensive end Jashon Cornell talks about how adding weight and strength has helped him this season, as well as his visit to Notre Dame, upcoming trips and more.

Scout stopped by Cretin-Derham Hall's Tuesday practice and one of the most immediately noticeable changes on the team is that defensive end Jashon Cornell is growing into a full fledged defensive end.

When Cornell first burst onto the scene, he was a 225-pound kid who some saw as a potential hybrid outside linebacker. With no shortage of massive linemen in the Minneapolis area, he has had to change his body to improve his game, but fret not, his famous explosiveness remains intact.

"I feel way better," he said. "I think adding the weight was a good idea, but I can still lose some of it, and I still believe my speed is there. Adding weight has helped me go against offensive players. I'm not just a skinny kid going against 300-pounders anymore. I'm 255-260 going against 300-pound kids and having an edge."

This week, he will see a team with a big line in Stillwater, who upset Cretin earlier in the season. Although his team is 6-2 and their opponent is 3-5, Cornell says the records do not matter, especially in light of what happened in that first game.

"It's a big game obviously because they beat us on national T.V. After that game, they've been struggling. They lost the last five of their games, but I believe they're still up one on us. Right now in my mind, the score is 0-0 and we will play them like any other team. I still think their team is there to compete and you never know, they can surprise you at any time."

Last weekend, Cornell visited Notre Dame for their showdown with USC and was impressed with the attention he was shown.

"It was a great experience. The fans are really nice. The coaching staff showed me a lot. Even though they had big names there on official visits, they still showed me lot of attention. I got a lot of one on one time with Coach Kelly."

Cornell has been diligent about taking visits throughout the process. His next may be down South with one of his best friends.

"I think I might go down to Arkansas with [Chanhassen High offensive tackle] Frank [Ragnow] some time soon. I'm not sure which game though."

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