Hurns talks FSU

Read on to see what senior wide receiver Allen Hurns is saying about Saturday's showdown against Florida State.

On Stephen Morris:
He had a tough ankle injury so for him to go out every week and staying positive and doing what he's doing, I'm very happy for him.

On James Coley:
James Coley is very good. He gets the ball to everyone. That makes it tough to plan for one guy getting the ball.

On being big underdogs:
Once the game starts there's no points on the board and that's how we are treating it.

On no one giving them a chance:
We don't listen to what people say. Every day we just come out here and work. I wouldn't say we're the underdog. We're just trying to come out here every day and improve.

On FSU's defense:
They have a lot of guys with good speed and it'll provide a lot of competition out there for us.

On trash talking:
Football is football. At the end of the day, talking doesn't put points on the board. You have to do what you have to do.

On FSU's man coverage:
As a receiver you like that because it's a 1on1 matchup and you have to take advantage of that.

On Stacy Coley:
Stacy has stepped up a lot. He's getting more reps and he's looking more comfortable. He's running past people, and has speed like Phillip Dorsett so he's really added to his game.

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