Coley excited for first FSU game

Read on to see what freshman wide receiver Stacy Coley is saying as he continues preparing for his first Florida State game.

On getting the opportunities:
It's a blessing. I give the honor to God. I have great veterans around me giving me good advice. I'm in position where I can make plays.

On the FSU game:
We know it's a big game but we have to treat it like any other game. We have to keep practicing and moving forward. We just have to focus on the little things, and improving our mistakes. We just have to keep practicing and getting ready.

On a different vibe this week:
It's the same vibe. It's the same mentality in the locker room as on the field. We're just excited and trying to improve.

On offensive improvements:
We're in good position to make plays, get our mistakes right, and get out there and execute.

On Stephen Morris:
Stephen is Stephen. He's doing good with the reads, and getting down the mental part. He's helping us a lot.

On whether Coley played a role in choosing UM over FSU:
With Coach Coley, it wasn't him being at FSU or Miami. It was my decision. He's a great person and I really like his play-calling. He knows the situations and knows what we have to get done. He knows how to get the six points in the redzone.

On veterans giving freshmen advice:
They didn't say anything to the freshmen yet. They always try keeping us calm, keep pushing forward.

On the expected crowd:
It's gonna be rocking. My biggest game was Florida and it'll be 10 times louder. Big crowd or not, you have to stay humble and work on your game.

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