Golden talks FSU

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying a few days before the team's showdown against Florida State.

On Stephen Morris:
He's looking better. I fully expect him to be a clean bill of health on Saturday, and I'm excited about it. I think he looked better this past game. He moved better in the pocket. He looked better when we moved the pocket. His personality is coming back. He's starting to feel good and get back.

On injury updates:
Kacy was better than I thought today. It looks like he'll make it. Rashawn Scott is fine. By now he should be caught up on his conditioning. He has no issues with what we're doing on offense so he's good.

On protecting the ball against Wake:
It was a really good lesson for Stephen and all of us. You have to perform in practice, execute, and then carry it over in the game. We can't make excuses. He made better decisions in this game than against North Carolina. He swung the pendulum. Now he has to prepare, go out, and play.

On Allen Hurns:
Allen was ahead of schedule today. We expect him to be able to run routes. That's a bit of a hip pointer. We expect him to be markedly better tomorrow.

On Danny Isidora:
That's all the medical team. I'm as anxious as you are. He had such a good spring, a great summer, and then had an unfortunate accident running when he turned his foot. He needed surgery. We're being careful because of his size and youth. When he's cleared we'll let you know but it doesn't look like it'll be this week.

On trying to get where FSU is:
We've been embroiled for two and a half years. We're trying to build that. We have to continue to recruit. We have to cultivate and get our guys in the system. I like the direction we're going in and I'm excited about the future. I couldn't sleep on Sunday. I wanted to get to work so bad. A lot of kids and coaches here feel the same way because that's in the past now.

On schools not being able to negatively recruit anymore:
It's two fold. Our conversations are taking a different path now. All the things you said would happen have come to fruition now. There's a trust factor with those families. People can say what they want about our football program but they can't say anything about our penalties, all the things that I've considered toxic over the last 28 months. If they're going to negative recruit, it's going to be about what we do on the field. It won't be about the NCAA.

On dealing with a loss of scholarships:
In March of my first year at Temple we lost nine scholarships because of the APR before I got there. Honestly, I haven't looked at the other things we need to do. Our compliance will sit down with me and figure it out. You don't want to lose any but at the end of the day you accept it and move forward. I'll say this, when people say they got a slap on the wrist, I take offense to that. Unless you've been here, you can't quantify that. These kids have given up a lot. I'm grateful of the leadership we've had. Because of that we had a chance to move forward Tuesday and not start them.

On Jameis Winston:
He's playing really good football. He's mature beyond his years. He's directing the ball where it needs to go. His TD/INT ratio is great, his percentage is elite. The yards per completion is through the roof. They have a running game and a great offensive line. It's a great challenge. We have to have a very good gameplan and then execute it because he's very talented.

On the late comebacks:
We're playing with poise at the end of games. Our guys are enjoying the battle. We're getting leadership. It's Linder, Hurns, Randy Johnson wanted the ball, guys believe in Stephen winning the game. We understand there will be a surge in this game because of the environment. We must have poise and leadership.

On this being just another game:
You can stay till midnight but you only get the kids for four hours. Our staff is efficient. It's really being locked in and not wasting anytime. When you get to Florida State week, you can't stay till 1 and it'll change things. That's not how it works. You have to trust the kids and let them play. Against Wake when we punted with 10 minutes left, I trusted our tea. I trusted our defense to get it back and for our offense to score.

On players reading the NCAA stuff:
I know my kids see everything you write. Our job is to get them to focus on what they need to focus on. Whatever's going on the outside, we have to get them to focus each day. Our leaders need to help us with that because we can't always be there.

On FSU's team:
It's a complete team with a red hot quarterback. He's playing exceptionally well. The receivers can beat you deep, they can come back to the ball. They have running backs, a good tight end, a veteran line. It's a who's who on defense. Their front 7 is very good, linebackers who can run, and a secondary that can play man, and they're good on special teams. It's the most complete team we've seen.

On his favorite memory so far in this series:
I don't have a favorite memory. Maybe just the first game being a part of it. In general, we have selective memory when it comes to losses. It's great to be a part of this. We want to continue to recruit guys who want to be a part of it. I'm glad it's back in its rightful place on a national stage.

On watching this series when he was younger:
Who didn't watch those games? Growing up watching them, then as I started my coaching career watching them. We just have to focus this week.

On Denzel Perryman:
He's a more complete player. He's studying more, he's more coachable. His size is a big part. He hasn't lost any explosiveness. He's 240, 241 now. He's made a commitment to his strength and nutrition. It's made a difference in his game. I'm happy and proud of him because of the commitment he made to everything you need to do to be that type of player.

On Tyrone Cornileus:
He's gone to work every day. Tyrone is much bigger than he was a year ago. He's been able to hold his weight. He's always been gifted in pass defense. He's now become a complete player. Everything he's gotten he's earned. He got the start last week and we plan on starting him this week.

On FSU's offense:
They have three really good running backs, a veteran offensive line, and an unselfish fullback. That is what makes them dangerous because they have the ability to throw the ball.

On concerns of playing freshmen like Stacy Coley and Artie Burns:
I hope not. We're at the point in the season where it'll be November. It's one of those deals where it's time to go play. There are no freshmen anymore. It's about doing your job and executing.

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