Golden on injuries and more

Head coach Al Golden spoke about Wednesday's injury updates, the challenges of facing a quarterback like Jameis Winston, and more.

On today's practice:
We got a long way to go before Saturday night. We'll go over the mistakes we made today. We provided them some challenges today, both with environment and what they'll be seeing on defense and on offense. Well review what we did on film.

On the scout team QB:
Gray Crow has been it most of the time. We've rotated some guys in.

On injury updates:
Rashawn Scott is making progress. Allen Hurns is ahead of schedule. It was beneficial seeing him out there actually running around. I think everyone else is as advertised. We'd love to have Phillip and some other guys but this time of year everyone has injuries.

On Stephen Morris:
He made great strides this week. It's time to let it rip, get back to the basics with him. He's excited to be back playing.

On kids knowing the history of this rivalry:
It's one of those deals, Michael Irvin was out here today. He was here watching practice. They're welcome any time. The players know what the game is all about. I'm interested in teaching our kids to execute and block everything else out.

On what this means in recruiting:
It's so specific based on needs and philosophies. Look at the ACC and how many different offenses there are. Take a receiver. Does he like this spread or this pro style? Like I said before the Florida game, it doesn't hurt to win but those things all play out.

On Jameis Winston being just a freshman:
We're not talking about him as a freshman. We're talking about him as a quarterback for a top 5 team. What can we do to execute? He is who he is. We have to find ways to challenge him, and execute and play well.

On having kids as unofficial visitors just once now:
I have no idea. As soon as I get that list from compliance, I'll know more. I don't know exactly what the other stuff means. Everyone knows about the nine scholarships but there are some other stuff in there.

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