Golden talks Duke, VT, and more.

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying a few days before his 11th-ranked Hurricanes play host to Virginia Tech in a huge Coastal Division game.

On VT:
It's one of the best defenses we'll see all year. 28 sacks, 29-percent on third down, a world of experience on defense, an excellent kicking game, and an offense led by Logan Thomas. He had a spectacular game last year. We were able to win but we know what type of challenge he presents. Our guys are excited. We went back to work and want to finish strong.

On special teams:
Dallas, we have to pull him back. Jamal Carter and Jermaine Grace and guys like that have to step up. We added those guys, Gus Edwards, guys like that. Eduardo and Dallas are two of our better special teams players so we had to pull back because of their increased roles on offense.

On guys wearing down:
Our reps are down. I feel good about where they are. We've played a lot of people. We had a couple bye weeks, generated other days off. We should be strong, healthy. We have to be ready to finish. 26 days left in the regular season. We have to dig in. But no one is really 100 percent this time of year.

On not creating enough turnovers:
We're not getting our hands on balls, haven't batted balls. We have to do better jobs there. We're drifting too much in zone. We're doing better in man but letting quarterbacks out of the pocket. There are a lot of things we can work for. Same on offense. We weren't good on third down on either side and that created a big gap in time of possession.

On VT giving UM trouble in the past:
They're 4-2 in their last six trips to Miami. It's tough, a team built on playing hard nosed defense. They've always been great on special teams. Guys know there is a lot to play for here in November. We have to move forward quickly.

On Frank Beamer:
I cut my teeth at Virginia when Frank was growing that program, and I learned so much from him. As big a rivalry as that was, Frank was always class, Bud Foster, always class guys. That means a lot because now we have a rivalry here. He's always operated with class. In our conference, when Frank talks, we all listen. He's always done in the right way.

On Duke Johnson:
I texted him last night but I didn't get out till late. I think he'll be in position where we can talk, and go see him later on. All indications are things went really well. He's resilient and will be back better than ever.

On the issues with the Miami Dolphins:
It is something we address, something we talk about in training camp. There's no place for it in the workplace or in athletics. It's something that has to be addressed at every level. We believe we're very proactive in our approach.

On what he's told his team:
There aren't a lot of one loss teams in the country. We have a team coming in that catches your attention. We have a lot to play for. Injuries are part of the game. As Clinton Portis told our team recently, there are no backups. You have to be ready to step up.

On Matt Goudis:
He's been great in practice. We just have to get him to relax. I thought he jumped the gun a bit and over rotated. We have to get him to pick a spot and focus. His numbers in practice have been very good. We have a lot of belief in him. He has to trust his technique and let it go. We will continue challenging him at practice.

On things to clean up:
We dropped too many balls, dropped six. The margin of error is very small against Florida State. We did some really good things, too. Others we didn't connect on. We just have to keep moving forward.

On VT's defense:
The sheer number of starts on defense is unbelievable. They're big and strong up front and the back end is very talented.

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