Interview: Travarous Bain

Speed, speed, and more speed. That's the first thing that comes to mind when watching Northwestern cornerback Travarous (note the proper spelling of his often mis-spelled name) Bain.

At 5-foot-11 and 175 pounds, Bain recently ran a 10.62 at a national track meet in Orlando. His father, Tolbert Bain (a former DB at UM), told me Travarous is probably a 4.35 legitimately. Those two numbers would make him the second fastest player in the county, only behind Edison's Terrell Walden. So we're talking some serious speed here.

Bain had six interceptions as a junior and was a second team All-Dade County selection.

Your current core GPA: 2.8

Your current test score: I don't have it yet (editor's note: Bain has already passed both sections of the HSCT).

Which schools called in May: Miami called, Florida State called, Georgia, Auburn, Arkansas, N.C. State, Texas A&M, there were a bunch of them.

Have any schools sent a scholarship offer to you in the mail: No, not yet. They say they want to wait to see what I do in my senior season.

If signing day were tomorrow, who are your three favorite schools: UM, Texas A&M, and N.C. State.

Do you plan on taking official visits to those three: Yeah, probably those three and I'll decide on the other ones later.

Bain and Walden are in a similar situation. They're both getting a lot of attention, but neither have any written offers yet. Personally, I think Walden will be the first to get some, especially if one is going to come from Miami. But Bain is a kid to watch because of his speed, and could be brought in for an official visit. However, I think Bain needs to become more of a football player as opposed to being only a track kid, if he wants to play big time college football.

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