Wednesday Q&A with Al Golden

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying three days before his team takes on Virginia Tech in a very important Coastal Division game.

On Dallas Crawford:
His role is what's it's been. He's carried the load before. We will see all three of those guys this week. Dallas is number one right now but we will evaluate them every day and assign the reps accordingly. I have no doubt that Dallas can handle the load.

On younger players showing leadership:
Fentress, a walkon, has done a great job and has been a leader for us on special teams. Guys like Quan Muhammad, the moment wasn't too big for him Saturday night and showed some leadership. Corn Elder has stepped up with his leadership role. Some people gravitate to it earlier in life but maybe they went through some challenges that others didn't. You have to cultivate it. There are born leaders but they all have to share the same vision as the head coach.

On Deon Bush becoming more physical:
We really haven't seen it. He's getting better. Physically, there should be no issue now. Clearly there was a learning curve with him coming back. I'm anxious to see it. We haven't seen that flurry that we saw last year. He hasn't imposed his will in a game. He's getting better with his calls but hopefully we'll see the physical part starting this weekend.

On Rashawn Scott's role:
He has to play. We only have five receivers in the rotation, six on scholarship. We're low at receiver. As it relates to Rashawn, like everyone else, we want to have to play six more games. That's a lot of football left. He's played a lot of football for us. He's made plays. We need him.

On mental errors:
It's half of what it was a year ago. In some areas it's even lower. Guys are getting more comfortable, getting more experience. We need that this week given who we're playing. The opponent can help you make more. That's why it's not important to worry about the opponent. We saw some errors in that game that were uncharacteristic of certain players. You have to do your job. If you're running a corner route, it has to be eight steps. If you're in pass pro, don't block three guys. Just block your man.

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