Monday Q&A: James Coley

Read on to see what offensive coordinator James Coley is saying a few days after the team's loss to Virginia Tech.

On Duke's defense:
It's very similar to what we just saw. They have a lot of veterans and will stack the box and make you beat them.

On Allen Hurns:
Allen played quarterback in high school. Those guys know the game. They lead us off the field, they coach, all those things. A lot of guys tell you they're open and they're not. He does and he's open. He showed burst I didn't even know he had.

On Hurns' long touchdown:
That play. We ran a dig. We have a pump off the dig. When we ran the in cut the first time, we had Hurns but threw to Herb for a first down. He came to the sideline and said he could beat him up. I told him to run your assignment off that. That goes on with veteran guys. They tell you this will be there, this wont be there, he just has that it factor. He comes to work and is that guy. It's paid off for him.

On the drops:
It's a shame because they work so hard and it's just focusing. They'll get it. I believe in those guys. They deserve to make plays.

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