Monday Q&A with Al Golden

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying a few days after his team's loss to Virginia Tech.

On correcting mistakes:
We spent a lot of time correcting our mistakes. Hopefully we can put that one behind us. It's a resilient group and we just have to move on.

On back to back losses:
Two emotional losses. There's no question the guys, the emotion of the events impacted our execution.

On running it more:
You've got to have the ball. When you have 53 plays and 20 are when you're down late in the game, that's tough. We lose balls on special teams. You can't be a good running team if you don't convert third downs and don't possess the football.

On Duke:
They're good. They have a quarterback who can run it. They're veterans everywhere. Just like the defense we just faced, that's how I see Duke's offense. It'll be a great challenge.

On lack of a run game:
We wanted to run the ball but couldn't because we were behind. It changes the calls on both sides of the ball. It changes how you call the game on defense.

On getting off the field on defense:
We don't want to be on the field a lot. We don't want to have big returns and them fumble. Three short fields against a team that executes well and plays good defense, you can't do that. It's not fair. All three units were responsible for the defense. It wasn't just the defense. All three units were part of that, which was disappointing.

On the freshman returners:
I will stick with them. I believe in them. It was unfortunate for us. It's not like two kids who don't love football or practice it every day. Those guys try doing it right every day. You have to stick with those guys. They're just starting their careers.

On guys needing to play better:
There are guys who need to step up and play better. We have to prepare better, coach better. Everyone in the building has to play better. Guys need to compete for certain roles and certain jobs. In terms of the efforts of the special teams guys, it was excellent. We just made a few mistakes.

On where this team's at overall:
If you have to go get kids from other schools in June, you're not where you want to be. We're building. These guys need to grow up and mature. We're still trying to get it right, build depth. No one wanted to listen to me five weeks ago. We finally have the gloves off and ready to go fight a fair fight. They know what's at stake.

On Deon Bush missing a tackle before halftime on the VT score:
We had three missed tackles on that and there were guys not running to the ball like they needed to. There is enough blame to go around on that play.

On Stephen Morris:
He took off on third down and converted. He threw two scores and no interceptions. We had five drops. He should have been 21 of 25. Stephen has been through a lot. He deserves a chance down the stretch.

On Matt Goudis' field goal:
Good. The way he swung at it. He had a good week and he delivered. He brought his training to the game and swung at it really well.

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