Morris talks about VT game

Read on to see what quarterback Stephen Morris is saying a few days after the team's loss to Virginia Tech.

On losing two fumbles on returns:
I seen it one time but not back to back like that. Standing on the sideline it was frustrating.

On how emotional this season's been:
It's been a lot. That's one of the best ways to describe it. My mom and dad are very supportive. I have great teammates who are there for you even if you have a bad game.

On connecting with some deep balls:
They were number one in pass defense. Being able to throw those long balls and complete them was good for our offense but sometimes you feel it's not enough. We have to keep working.

On what it was like staying on the sideline the first quarter:
After the first fumble happened you don't expect it to happen again. We had to overcome adversity. After the game I was talking to the team about how we have to respond. As soon as we got out there we had to attack. We have to make them nervous about our athletic ability.

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