Cleveland: We have to score a lot vs Duke

Read on to see what tight end Asante Cleveland is saying a few days before the team travels to take on Duke.

On Duke:
They're very disciplined. Theyre smart kids who play real hard. They make a lot of plays.

On their recent success:
I know Duke is known for basketball but we've seen in recent years their football team is good. Now they're 7-2 and playing really well.

On moving on:
I think our focus is to lock in, shut out the things on the outside, and take care of business.

On the mistakes against VT:
It was a series of unfortunate events. We played hard, just need to play smarter, focus on details, and lock in.

On scoring a lot against Duke:
I feel like we have to because of the way their offense and defense is playing. They're creating a lot of turnovers so we have to protect the ball and make plays.

On fixing the mistakes:
Not that it's hard to fix but we have to take things away and really address it. If it shows up during the week we have to correct the technique and take care of it during the week.

On the mistakes against VT:
It was a shock when we saw it in the game. The low punt, a low snap, his knee was down. I've never seen that before. It's little things we have to focus on.

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