Coach D talks about recent struggles

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying about his unit's recent struggles.

On the depth chart changes:
We're trying to get the players better, put themselves in the best situation and create competition to make everyone better. We're trying to get the best guys on the field. Guys who are improving we want to increase their reps.

On the recent struggles:
When you talk about defensive football, if you have one guy not doing his job they can find it. When you have two or three you are in trouble. It's about fundamentals. You have to identify the situation. They made more plays than us the other day. We have to create some situations where we put them in the best situation. Players have to execute on the field. We need guys to make plays.

On the lack of a pass rush:
The thing about that game is we didn't get in enough situations to rush the passer. They only gave up 12 sacks all year. It's three step drops and max protect. We didn't get into third and long enough. We got one where we forced a scramble on 3rd and 10. We didn't get them into enough situations. Balls were coming out quick. It's hard to get sacks on them when they're doing that and running as well as they were.

On Duke players saying they were tougher:
Take your hat off to them. They have a veteran team playing well. They don't turn it over a lot. We have to do a better job of rotating guys so we can finish the game. We have to identify those guys and play them. Unfortunately the last few weeks we couldn't play a lot of guys in the first half. Sometimes guys don't get in on certain spots. You want your best players in the game. Earlier in the year we were able to generate some sub packages that we haven't been able to do the last few weeks.

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