Renfrow talks about playing former team

Read on to see what senior defensive tackle and Virginia transfer Justin Renfrow is saying as he prepares to play against his former team on Saturday.

On UM compared to UVA:
I think it has the same feeling. It's been a lot of fun, great to be a Miami Hurricane.

On the defensive struggles:
We are still growing on defense. It's not struggles. Just like any other team, you have to grow through the process. We will correct things and be fine.

On the last few UVA/Miami games:
I just think they were tight games, and it's been who made the last play in those games. When I was at Virginia, it came down to the very last play.

On last year's game:
Especially after last year, I thought we were lucky. When we went in the next day and watched the defensive film, they destroyed us in the run game so we got lucky.

On mixed feelings:
It's not really mixed feelings. I went there and played but these are my guys and these are my coaches. This is the most coaching I've ever gotten.

On the chance he got here:
I came here for a better opportunity to win and to be treated fairly on the field. We can let my play and my stats this year speak on that. You can compare what I did this year and what they allowed me to do there.

On his relationship with former teammates:
I don't have anything with my old teammates. My problems were with the coaches. I've gotten texts from old teammates saying they're happy for me. I have tight bonds with some of those guys. There's no hard feelings. I went through a lot of training with them.

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