Perryman talks about struggles on defense

Read on to see what junior linebacker Denzel Perryman is saying about the recent struggles of Miami's defense.

On senior day:
We will get it together for the seniors. This game will mean a lot to them and we gotta give them a good game.

On the mistakes in recent games:
Guys aren't where they need to. I'm not sure if guys are pressing to make plays or over-thinking. After a while, you get frustrated but at the same time you gotta get locked in.

On communication on the sidelines:
When we get back to the sideline, I tell guys you have to let it go and get ready for the next play. Me, Shayon, JJimmy, Chick, Kacy, a lot of us get the defense together and try putting that behind us.

On the Coach D critics:
I don't pay attention to the outside. Like they tell us, stay in the bunker. When you go outside, it gets critical.

On the running game for Duke:
I feel like we gave up too many rushing yards. It's frustrating because we know where we need to be. I'd say that was (the toughest loss since I've been here) because we should have gone out and executed and it's not happening.

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