Golden talks recruiting, Dorsett, and more

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about recruiting, Virginia, the status of Phillip Dorsett, and more.

On Phillip Dorsett:
It looks doubtful. I don't know if that will change. We will monitor it every day. If it feels good we'll give it a run but it doesn't look good right now. It's isolated right now. Unless he can make guys miss we will not put him out there.

On if recruiting has improved since the NCAA news:
Most of the pool is gone in 14. We can't increase guys' interest there because we've been working on them. We've gotten three since the announcement which is unique this time of year. That's attributed to that. Most guys made decisions months ago or will wait closer till signing day. Kids who are juniors now, all they've ever known is that Miami's in trouble. It's good to have that behind us and be able to move forward to that.

On being able to sell playing time to recruits:
We will continue needing help everywhere. People talk about the defense. If I say yes to that question then that's saying our guys here aren't good enough. That's a separate question. Everyone who puts in time here now have to fix what's going on. It has nothing to do with guys coming in next year. I want to make that distinction.

On signing more players:
We were cut short last year for a lot of reasons. That was our second full recruiting cycle and we couldn't sign as many as we needed. We are trying to sign more this year. We will keep our head down, and keep recruiting and getting better. We have a lot of guys in this class that we're excited with but that's different than the guys we're working with and developing right now.

On playing more younger players now:
On the outside it's easy to swipe it under the rug and say it's over. These guys have stood with us. It's important that the staff and their teammates support them down the stretch. People ask if we'll go younger now that we've lost. We won't. These seniors haven't been to a bowl game in a few years. We want to send them off how they want starting this Saturday.

On the advantages of being in a bowl:
I'm answering questions I don't want to answer right now because we're getting ready for Virginia. Every coach will tell you that practicing for a bowl game, working with young guys, all that is essential in developing a program. We haven't had the opportunity to experience that yet.

On UVA's poor record:
Records have nothing to do with it. We haven't been playing good football. I need to coach better. Coaches need to coach better. Players need to execute better. Part of our motivation is for the seniors. They're coming off a bye week, played a difficult schedule. I'm sure they're saying the same things on their side.

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