Hurns reflects on senior season

Read on to see what senior wide receiver Allen Hurns is saying a few days before he plays his final regular season game as a Hurricane.

On potentially getting 1,000 yards:
It means a lot. At the University of Miami there's been a lot of great receivers come through here so it'd be a great accomplishment.

On staying injury-free this season:
It helped a lot because I can focus on plays and not be in the training room all the time. Just feeling good, I never had anything holding me back so it's felt good.

On if being healthy played a major role in his success:
No doubt. Since I've been here I always had injuries that set me back. That humbled me because it makes you think about other things.

On Al Golden singling him out as a leader:
It means a lot, especially as a leader. Young guys are looking up to you. It feels good that you're one of the leaders.

On reflecting back on his first catch:
I didn't get my first catch until my sophomore year. As a freshman I just played special teams and I was just glad to be on the field and enjoying the moment.

On coming up on graduation:
It's a special moment because at the end of the day your parents want you to get the degree. My mom's really fired up about getting my degree. At the end of the day if you're doing what makes your parents proud, it makes all the effort worth it. It's just giving them respect back.

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