Golden ready for 'conventional recruiting'

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying a few days before his team's final regular season game at Pittsburgh.

On Pitt:
Pittsburgh is coming off a big win against Syracuse. Our guys are excited about the opportunity. It's a big offensive line with big running backs and a lot of play action. They have as good a wide out tandem as anyone we'll play all year. On defense, it all starts with the inside two. Dobson is very talented and skilled. He plays with great pad level. He splits double teams very effectively, and is one heck of a football player. Gonzalez at linebacker, Hendricks at safety, those are active guys. They're doing a really good job on defense on third down operation.

On losing Nate Dortch and Corn Elder:
I told you it was significant after the game. We went through a battery of tests. You just don't know until you get the MRI. I'm disappointed for both because they were both starting to really come on. Corn was looking forward to playing basketball so I'm really disappointed for him.

On their return for spring:
It's going to be a couple months for both. I don't want to jump ahead. I'm not a doctor. I can't answer those questions. Doctors will see where it's at.

On what the exact injuries were:
I can't comment on them until all the documentation is through our compliance and the league office.

On early enrollees for recruiting:
As soon as get that we'll release the names. I would be in favor of an early signing date. Fiscally it makes sense. For us to fly to Texas to see a kid for the next six weeks gets costly.

On the potential weather conditions Friday:
It affects both teams. Certainly, once we get up there and see how it looks we will have to adjust. We didn't throw and catch real well in the rain. We have to do a better job. We had too many third and longs.

On David Gilbert and the two other D-Line transfers:
I am happy for David. They wanted to be a part of what we're doing. They've given us a lot of help at a time when we needed help at those positions. Those guys bailed us out. I'm grateful that all three came in here and have helped us.

On recruiting in general:
I'd like to get back to conventional recruiting. We haven't been able to do that yet. I'd like to get back to being able to manage our numbers and going through a normal recruiting cycle. Hopefully our next cycle will be our first normal class. It will be the first year that we didn't have anything to deal with it. We will always look for guys who can help our team but we don't want to live like that.

On Kacy Rodgers transitioning to corner:
For a lot of players that's tough. For Kacy, no. He's taken reps there. He's fast, has length. And Artie looked really good (Monday) so we will be OK there. It would be tough for someone who has never played there or if he wasn't as smart as Kacy. Those things really help him.

On Ladarius Gunter:
He's around. We will hold him this week. He has a great attitude. It's just a function of getting his confidence back and the doctors clearing him. We're happy for him. He's getting better. He's made a lot of explosive players for us. We are excited about Ladarius and wish him a speedy recovery.

On Allen Hurns:
Obviously that's how you build your program, around guys like that. A picture is worth 1,000 words. I can sit there and tell the team all these things but just watch Allen Hurns. It's as simple as that. He works his tail off. He's very skilled. He's unselfish, a leader for us. I cant say enough about Allen Hurns.

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