Muhammad excited about increased role

Read on to see what true freshman defensive end Quan Muhammad is saying about his increased role heading into the final regular season game.

On getting playing time:
As a freshman it's been good learning all the new material. It's been good.

On the transition from high school:
It's definitely a big transition. Guys are bigger. Basically it's been a great opportunity to come in on third down and get after the quarterback. Last game I got on the field more on first and second down so it's good to see my role expanding.

On why his role is increasing:
Hustling, just running to the ball, and giving more effort.

On his freshman performance:
I didn't do bad. I think I gave good effort but I still have a lot of work to do.

On the biggest transition:
Just learning the material. Going from high school to college is learning the material. You have to put in more time, studying different fronts and plays and things like that.

On the weather at Pitt:
I'm from the Jersey side. It's definitely going to be cold. I don't think the weather will bother anyone. Everyone will be fine.

On what his family will serve at Thanksgiving:
A lot of stuff that I wont be able to get to eat. I love turkey.

On what he's thankful for:
I'm thankful for being a part of the University of Miami, a great place and great coaches. Just being here, I'm just thankful for being here.

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