Tuesday Q&A with Al Golden

Read on to see what Al Golden is saying a few days before his team travels to Pittsburgh.

On injury updates:
We were in tops so all those guys are working in. Herb seems healthy. Artie is doing good. We were pretty healthy out here today.

On Kacy Rodgers:
Kacy looks good. He's working at both corner and safety. Artie being able to play corner helps us out a ton.

On finally getting bowl practices:
I'm not living in that world. I'm excited about the opportunity this week. If you want to bring that up when the time comes, I'll address it. Right now our focus is on Pitt.

On Pitt DT Aaron Donald:
He's up there with all those guys. He's as good as any of them. Let me go find Linder and those guys. They'll have to be ready to go. This guy is skilled. He's mature, played a lot of football. He has pass rush moves, can split double teams. They move him around. That's as good a challenge as we've had on that inside spot all year.

On the O-Line play vs UVA:
We didn't play badly but had too many four pluses and one minus on a play. We can't have that. Danny Isidora coming on has helped. Bunche has practiced well this week. Wheeler helps.

On Pat O'Donnell being a team MVP:
He's up there. I'm struggling why he's not up there as a finalist (for awards). Pat's a great kid. He's locked in, very process oriented. He's always out here working on his game and I know he's excited about Friday.

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