Interview: Tremain Hall's Father

"North Carolina State is in court today appealing the NCAA's decision," Willie Holloway, the father of Hall, said moments ago.

"When the phone rang when you had called, I thought for sure it was them. We're supposed to hear by later tonight because it was a one-day court decision."

At 5-10 and 175, Hall was one of the top prospects to come out of the state of Florida last season. He enrolled into N.C. State in January, hoping to get a jump on spring football.

However, Hall was admitted into school without having passed the HSCT, which is required for graduation in the state of Florida.

"The NCAA ruled him ineligible because he was at N.C. State before he officially graduated high school," Holloway said.

"We're real upset over the situation because number one, they knew his situation and they should never have taken him into school. We think it was because they didn't want Tremain to end up at Miami or Florida State."

"Right now, we're talking to Miami, Southern Cal, and FAU as well," Holloway said. "N.C. State told us Tremain will have to sit out a year or they could place him into a Junior College. We don't want anything to do with that. That's why we're talking to these other schools."

"Miami told us they have a scholarship open for Tremain and they'd love to have him," Holloway said. "We're hoping that will happen, but we can't make any final decisions until we hear back from N.C. State."

Hall passed the HSCT on July 5, and this graduated high school with a core grade point average and a passing test score that would make him a full qualifier.

I'll have a report later in the week that will probably have a final word on their decision. But if I were to guess, I really think Hall will end coming to Miami later this month. Stay tuned.

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